In 1971, under the Acropolis rock, in the narrow streets of Plaka, the Kourbela family’s workshop opens with hand-knitted knitwear, quickly becoming a reference point for travelers from all over the world.

In the 1980s, the tradition of Greek handmade knitwear, takes life in a new visual innovation and development inspiring collections made of natural yarns, unique designs, exceptional weave and seam, which bring the second generation of the family and Kourbelas’ Knitwear to international markets.

When in 2003 Ioanna Kourbela  is at the forefront, incorporating the Greek element and the ethical production of garments of the family into her own global and transcendent perception of clothing.

Designs are inspired by Greek geometry, light, and motion. Quality, which changes the dimension of everyday life. The body is dressed in natural yarns and fabrics from the Greek earth, which embrace it gently, dictating a new freedom.

In Greece operates the brand’s production unit, three flagship stores Ioanna Kourbela in Plaka and the online shop Ioanna Kourbela. The company’s collections are located in more than 100 partner stores across the country.

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